• Why You Should Drink Lemon Water In The Morning

    Lemon is a yellow fruit whose pulp, juice, peel and even its zest can be exclusively used in food further the sour taste of lemon is due to the presence of 5 % to 6% of citric acid in lemon juice. This distinctive taste of lemon juice also makes it one of the important ingredients either when it is used in drinks or even food like cocktails, lemonade and soft drinks. Lemon juice also can be made into a preservative for certain foods which oxidize and turn brown after they are sliced like apples, bananas and avocados, it is the presence of acids which denatures the enzymes which result in browning and degradation of foods. This is not the end to the ways in which these lemons can be used, there is also one of the effect methods which is drinking lemon water early in the morning to get flat tummy, here we give you facts which will surely force you to give a try for lemon water in the morning: • It is not necessary that this will have any effect on the morning coffee cup that has great taste and aroma along with warmth instead taking lemon water will only be suggestible for people who are ready to postpone their cup of coffee for 30 minutes. • Cancer cells are known to breed in acidic body but even any human body is known to perform better when it has higher alkaline content. Lemon though is famous for being an acidic fruit also is known to be great alkalizing agent when it gets into the human body also lessening the acidic levels. Though there are very few people who know that their body is acidic due to the food being eaten and things to which skin is exposed however this can be beaten by lemon water to lessen pH levels.

  • Surprising Hidden Causes of Weight Gain

    We all know the usual suspects for gaining weight or being obese; sedentary lifestyle, sugary drinks, fried foods, alcoholic drinks and even genetic predisposition. Likewise, we know too well measures to avert excess weight; exercise, low fat diet and overall lifestyle change. In some cases, however, these measures don’t seem to work very well in real life. I mean; some people work out every day and cut back on junk food, but only seem to gain more weight. Others live a sedentary lifestyle and have never really been overweight—like a friend who eats sugar all day and never seems to gain a pound. Are you among the people who regularly go to the gym, religiously follow a weight-loss diet or take weight loss pills yet the numbers on the scale keep creeping higher? Well, it’s time we delved a little deeper and unveiled the mystery. The mystery is not about the usual suspects; it’s about unthought-of causes. Finding that magic bullet will take away all the frustration but, as we shall see, requires a different approach.